Orange Bitters

KING FLOYD’S® Orange Bitters approached this classic Bitter a little differently than our Aromatic and Cardamom Bitters, our Orange Bitter is a wee bit sweeter on the palate. We made our Orange bitters to be zesty and strong with a touch of sweet and mild spice background. We recommend pairing King Floyd’s Orange Bitters with whiskey and rum cocktails or add to an Old Fashioned and your spirits will be lifted. Martini’s, daiquiri’s and margarita’s also benefit from the citrus note a dash or two of our delicious Orange bitter imparts in the cocktail. Tasting Notes: Zesty and mildly sweet with hints of gingerbread. Shanghi Martini: Shake ice with 1.5oz Gin, splash of dry vermouth. Add a couple dashes of King Floyd’s Orange Bitters. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with a twist of Orange. Ingredients: Mountain Spring Water, Alcohol, Organic Bitter Orange Peel Extract and other secret herbs & spices.
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