Mexican Mole

During a 5-day period, a selection of the finest Oaxacan ingredients carefully merge in copper pots and over low fires to fuse the tangy elements of chocolate, chilis, grains and fruits, creating the finest mole recipe. For 5 generations, our family has passed down this Oaxacan tradition keeping our legacy alive in every bite. From Oaxaca with love, a dish best served in good company. BLACK MOLE: The most representative and traditional mole of Oaxaca, includes more than 32 ingredients, including almonds, raisins, peanuts, chocolate, and banana among others. In Los Pacos the process of preparing this mole takes us 5 days, its flavor is the purest expression of the fusion of flavors of Mexican cuisine. RED MOLE: Notes of Cinnamon, chocolate and slight heat that lingers for a few seconds in the mouth. 5 Days for its preparation to achieve that the elements of nuts, peanuts and almonds are released in the mole. Made in Mexico.


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