Sor – pres – a  (verb) Italian, Spanish translates to surprise in English. 

A shop designed to celebrate life; whether that is enjoying a good meal, lounging at home, welcoming a new family member, participating in self-care, saying thank you to a friend, indulging in gelato and chocolates, and everything in between. A shop that makes moments of gift giving, retail therapy, enjoying chocolates and gelato personal, special and a surprise.

A Message from our Boss Babe

I am so excited to welcome you into this gelato, chocolate, and gift shop. Sorpresa has turned into a passion shop for me. I felt like Dubuque needed a shop with a little bit of everything. A shop where you can find something for anyone in your life. In the process it brought me closer to the memories I have with my mom when she owned the Hallmark shop in our Kennedy Mall before her passing. 

The process of opening Sorpresa consisted of cleaning, painting, shopping, organizing, baking, tasting and more. I truly hope you love this little shop of everything as much as I have loved creating it for the Dubuque area. 

- Jennifer, owner