For our furry friends that we love more than life. Our lines are organic, and safe for your best friends. 

Fox + Hound

Owners spent years creating the perfect formulas that are safe for pups and contain many natural ingredients. They developed outstanding compounds for shampoos, flea and tick spray, paw pad salves and more. So when you’re looking to treat your dog to some TLC, consider Fox + Hound. Because man’s best friend deserves a dog’s best products.

Pet Winery

Founded to create unique healthy beverages and treats for your feline and canine friends.

Poochie Butter

Made with 6 all-natural ingredients, Poochie Butter became one of the first peanut butters specifically for dogs! With wholesome ingredients that pups can’t resist, Poochie Butter has continued to grow and add products to their peanut-centric line. On a mission to help all dogs lead happy and healthy lives, Poochie Butter builds local relationships with New Jersey dog shelters and adoption agencies, donating 10% of their monthly profits.

Steel Dog

Steel Dog LLC. focuses on affordable, high-quality toys and treats. What makes Steel Dog different? There is a surprise inside every time! Within each toy, is another toy to play with. All plush toys will be destroyed, but having an additional toy (rope or tennis ball) inside let's playtime continue. Customers are getting not one, but two toys when they buy!