What is Gelato?

Gelato is Italian ice cream, containing the same yummy ingredients as American ice cream, but in different proportions.

Gelato has roots that stretch back thousands of years. The earliest frozen desserts on record can be found in Asian culture where crushed ice mixed with flavorings was a refreshing beverage, to the ancient Egyptian pharaohs offering ice flavored fruit juices to guests. Frozen desserts first came to Italy from a Rome tradition of eating ice from a volcano. 

It was during the Italian Renaissance that gelato in its current form was created.

The 3 Differences of Gelato to Ice Cream

  1. Lack of Air – Ice Cream traditionally has 50% volume by air, while Gelato has 20-35% volume by air.
  2. Less Butterfat – Ice Cream is made up of 14% butterfat, while Gelato only has 4-8% of butterfat. 
  3.  Sugar Content – The amount of sugar in gelato is closely monitored and balanced with water content. 
  4. Lowering in fat than ice cream because it is made with more milk than cream.

Three Reasons to Love the Gelato at Sorpresa

  1. We Make It In House – All Gelato flavors are made inside 269 Main Street by our boss babe family. 
  2. We Rotate Our Flavors Weekly- Don’t worry about getting tired of our flavors. At Sorpresa, we make new batches of our awesome flavors every week. You won’t be able to pick just one favorite.
  3. Traditionally Crafted – We follow traditional Gelato recipes.